What is Online Education?

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, finding the time to go back to school to complete your degree is not always easy. Traditional college takes a commitment of time and money that most people just can’t make. The answer? Online Education. This is the chance to attend a first-class college or university on your own time. You take classes from the privacy of your own home, via the Internet, and earn a Bachelor’s, Master’s or even get your PhD. There are many advantages to this type of education. First of all, you have the obvious convenience of going to school from home in your time. Second, you have the chance to attend schools that are located just about anywhere in the world. No longer are you limited to colleges you can drive to and their restrictive schedules. Third, many of these online schools offer credit for life experience. This means that you may be closer to that degree than you think. Here are five of the most popular schools that offer an online education option.

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Studying Abroad

The Benefits of Studying Abroad

Without question, there are many different benefits that are associated with studying abroad. Whether it’s personal growth or cultural diversity, learning abroad is a great educational resource and experience the proves to have a wide range of learning advantages. By studying overseas, you will be able to increase your cultural diversity, learn a foreign language and have a better understanding of global operations.

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Top Scholarships for Undergraduates

Finding College Scholarships.

Getting college education helps one secure their life financially. This is due to the competitive nature of the world today and in order to get a well paying job including being an NBA or NLF star, one is required to attend and graduate for college. In short, getting an education is considered as a precious commodity, obviously reflected by the price tag. Majority of the students who have interest in acquiring college degree need financial assistance especially the average student. Luckily, undergraduate scholarships have been made possible and in plenty to offer financial aid to those students. Be it a large corporation, an understanding individual, a philanthropic organization or the government, they all work together in order to support the students college attendance. Continue reading

A look at Instagram Direct: How great is it?

When Snapchat unveiled its photo-messaging service, it became an instant hit. It’s no wonder that Instagram started thinking of a way to respond to this trend, and their efforts came in the form of Instagram Direct – a straightforward way to use the app for sending photos and videos to selected users.
Despite the previous impression, Direct doesn’t come in the form of a traditional inbox we are all used to. Instead of enabling two-way conversations through photos, this concept allows the user begin a conversation with one photo or video that invites up to 15 users to chat about it in the comment section of that file. The participants in the chat cannot send other photos or videos back as a response – a new message thread is required for that.
If you would like to share messages with your significant other, then Instagram Direct is not what you’re looking for – the inbox will be cluttered up with lots of threads and you will have problems finding a specific photo or video you sent or the other user sent. However, if you want to start fun group conversations with certain friends and you don’t want everyone else to know about your private jokes, you can avoid the public view and use Instagram Direct as the perfect choice for such activities. Continue reading